katronskzThe multipurpose controller “Katron-SKZ” is intended for a powerful thyristor or Inverter DC power supply control. For example, power thyristor module of cathodic protection rectifiers, monitoring and maintenance of  technological parameters like “Output current”, “Output voltage”. When connected a permanent reference electrode (Copper-Copper Sulphate) to a controller, the adjust of the output source DC parameters can be carried out relatively the protective potential voltage.

To complementary definition of the corrosion protection effectiveness can connect up to four individual corrosion indicators of various diameters to the controller’s inputs.

To account for the power source DC consumed power the meter is connected to the controller through CAN-interface. This allows to control not only the “power supply consumption power”, as well as parameters such as “power supply” and “input current supply.”

The controller generates alerts in cases on or off mains power or unauthorized cabinets opening. The alarm signal transmitted control office or staffs cellphones through the SMS-massages. The controllers battery life from the external battery in the learning mode on the GSM modem is at least 10 hours. It depends of the installed batteries  capacity , of the polling frequency and of the base GSM stations signal quality.

The controller has been collecting, archiving key parameters and information transmission on corrosion processes and corrosion protection of underground metal constructions through technical communication channels into the  remote control system via Modbus RTU. Collection, further processing and presentation in the convenient for analysis  form , performed in hard-&-software complex “DON-STEL-K”.

The hard-&-software complex “DON-STEL-K” allows the operator to program the remote controller, the following key parameters:

– on or off the power module;

– To set the automatic or manual  stabilization;

– record numbers to alert personnel about emergency situations;

– etc.

The hard-&-software complex “DON-STEL-K” allows the operator to read remotely the following main parameters of  the controller:

– The output current, output voltage, the protective capacity;

– the DC power supply control mode;

– operating time (IOS) and the defense (TWA);

One of the applications of the universal controller “Katron-SKZ” – gas extraction, transportation and storage of natural gas and oil, pipelines, compressor stations, underground gas storage facilities, and others.

The universal controller “Katron-SKZ” intended :

  • to establish management systems in small and medium-sized objects;
  • to supervisory systems building.

The management and scheduling building based on “Katron-SKZ”  possible using wire line – using the built-in interfaces, CAN, RS-485 or optional RS-232, Ethernet, and with the help of wireless – using GSM / GPRS-modem or radio.

The “Katron-SKZ” design features:

  • the controller is executed in a compact package;
  • Increasing the number of I \ O points by connecting external input \ output

modules on any of the built-in interfaces.

The “Katron-SKZ” computing resources:

The controller initially laid computing power high-performance 8051-compatible processor core:

  • pipelined architecture, 70% of instructions executed in 1 or 2 system clocks;
  • performance of the microcontroller 100 MIPS.

The controllers storage:

  • The amount of program memory – Flash memory up to 131 072 (128 KB) bytes
  • The amount of internal memory – RAM memory 8448 (8 KB + 256 bytes) bytes;
  • The volume of the external non-volatile memory without loss of write cycles – FRAM memory of 16384 (16K) bytes;
  • The volume of non-volatile memory for storing backups – Flash memory of 131,072 (128K) bytes.

The “Katron-SKZ” competitive advantage:

  • the speed of the digital inputs – up to 1 kHz;
  • fast 12-bit ADCs are displayed on the terminal
  • accurate 17 bit Double integration ADC , three channels are certified as a measure;
  • a large number of interfaces on board: CAN, RS485, SMBus, additionally   RS232, Ethernet;
  • Extended temperature range from minus 40 to plus 50 Celsius degrees;
  • Ample opportunities of controllers self-test;
  • real-time clock;
  • Internal and external watchdog timer;
  • Built-in battery, allowing power failure “wait out” – Execute the program with the loss of power, translate the output devices in a “safe state”;
  • Ability to create and save files to an external Flash controller;
  • the ability to work on any non-standard protocol through any of the ports. It allows to connect devices with a non-standard protocol.


The main characteristics of the cathodic protection station manager controller “Katron-SKZ”


Supply voltage

8-15 V

Current consumption in native mode,

no more

100 мА

Current consumption in power save mode, no more

30 мА

Cerrent consumption in session mode, no more

400 мА

Number of analog inputs (Certified as a means of measuring)

3 pieces

Number of digital inputs

8 pieces

Number of  temperature sensors (integrated into the microcontroller)

1 piece

Cellular Module GSM/GPRS (removable)

1  piece

Operating temperature

-40…+50 °С

Dimensions without protruding parts, no more

• length

• width

• depth

135 мм

120 мм

60 мм



GSM standart


The maximum radiated power (EGSM)

33 dBm ± 2 dB

The minimum radiated power (EGSM)

5 dBm ± 5 dB

The maximum radiated power (GSM1800)

30 dBm ± 2 dB

The minimum radiated power (GSM1800) 0 dBm ± 5 dB

Analog-to-digital converter





Resolution ADC

to 17


Sampling frequency

To 10

In a second

The ADC input range :

• №1 channel (voltage measurement)

• №2 channel (current measurement)

• №3 channel (measurement of potential)




The reference voltage instability



The АDC nonlinearity




The zero drift




The controllers input voltage:

• №1 channel(voltage measurement)

•  №2 channel(current measurement))

• №3 channel (measurement of potential)











The controllers input impedavce

• №1 channel(voltage measurement)

•  №2 channel(current measurement))

• №3 channel (measurement of potential)









The controllers input capacity

• №1 channel(voltage measurement)

•  №2 channel(current measurement))

• №3 channel (measurement of potential)







The temperature probe

The measured temperature

–40 … +99 °С

The resolution

1 °С