About us

SPE “DonKont” Ltd. is the developer and manufacturer of devices (controllers) for industrial processes  automation. We have rich experience in the production and implementation of our products in the oil and gas industries. In particular, in the monitoring and automation of corrosion protection (control of cathodic protection rectifiers and external sensors).

Developed and produced by our company controllers have a flexible architecture and broad hardware capabilities. It allows to apply them for the automation solution in various industries.

We would like to offer you our services in equipment development and production for the automation and remote control of your telemechanics system (remote monitoring), creating the software (Terminal Program) for visualization of your equipment parameters.

If you are interested,  we can create for you automation system, both using of new devices based on programmable microcontrollers, also using of produced controllers with adaptation to the tasks of your equipment.

We continually monitor the emergence of new products and are ready to offer the best solutions based on the most modern and multifunctional programmable controllers.