piketThe “Katron-Piket” is intended for measurement protective potential and control of variable range of it on the protected underground metal construction in connection of permanent reference electrode (Copper-Copper Sulphate). This one may be installed inside of cathodic protection test-station on keypoints.
Katron-Piket” provides control of the protective potential for specified value range and transmits the current values of the protective potential by programmed schedule using GSM channel. These data may be received to the personal computer which equipped with hard-&-software complex “DON-STEL-K” or to the staffs cellphones. Similarly, controller provides alarm messages transmission in case when value of the protective potential going beyond the programmed range. It allows to respond quickly for situation changes and to produce opportune changes of cathodic protection rectifier modes. Besides transmission values of the protective potential, the controller can archive the measured values with depth of 14 days with 1 second discreteness and allows to read the archive data by cabel connection to PC or by GSM.

Controller is programmed devise and allows the operator to set the following parameters:

– setting range of the protective potential values from -0,9 up to -3,5 V;
– setting of schedule sending of the protective potential present value, from 1 up to 14 days;
 setting periodicity of alarm messages sending in case if value of the protective potential going beyond the programmed range;
– settings filter of false alarm;
-setting of burglar alarm.

Besides work by programmed schedule, the controller provides the ability to initialize reading of the protective potential present value for operator in local mode and activation for transmission data archives by GSM channel.
The integrated digital display allows staff to read the protective potential present value in real time.
The battery of the controller keep the controllers in operation no less for 3 years at ambient temperature from -45 ° to +45 ° C and if average periodicity activation of GSM module’s is one time in 10 days.

Controller can be mounted inside the cathodic protection test-station cabinet’s and in case good quality signal of base station can be install underground to a depth of no more than 50 mm. If necessary, this one can be using in complete with external antenna.