FPP-1 filter

fpp-1%d0%bf%d0%b0%d1%81%d0%bfFilter FPP-1 is intended for effective smoothing pulsations of the direct current voltage in output circuits of CP rectifiers. In some cases, pulsation of direct current voltage may be the cause of electromagnetic handicapes on the some underground communications cables when they are near drainage cables or protected communications. The FPP-1 can be applied complete with any cathodic protection rectifiers by nominal power up to 5 kWA (Imax. no more 100 Amps).

The FPP-1 is made in the closed metal case for installation on a horizontal plane and it can be used as a pedestal for the CP rectifiers types UKZT and Don. The cover of the FPP-1 is equipped by special holes for mounting and fixing of the rectifiers.

The basic advantages of filter FPP-1:
– High efficiency of smoothing;
– Compactness;
– Universality applying.

The technical characteristics of the FPP-1
Maximum admissible rectification voltage to the filter’s exit, no more, V
100 (50)
Maximum admissible current of the load, no more, A
50 (100)
Maximum coefficient of the pulsation of rectification voltage on the filter’s output, no more
Mass, no more, kg
Dimensions, mm (WxHxL)