“KATRON” controllers

The controllers «KATRON» series are produced on a shared platform and intended for application in the systems of automation of technological processes, as well as of control and management by industrial equipment at remote sites via GSM-communication and wired lines. Basic functionality controllers are collection and accumulation of data measurement and modes of operation of different electrical equipment and sensors with the possibility of their transfer via GSM communication channels, either by a wired connection to the controller (CAN, RS-485 interfaces). Also, multi-channel instrumentations with the function of registrar-recorder are produced  on the basis of these controllers.
Wide ranges of work temperature and the measured values, the presence of a backup power source and a sufficient number of analog, digital and discretes inputs/outputs – all these properties allow to use controllers of this series for an application  in various branches of industry and in household conditions.

Currently, this series presented by the following controllers modifications:
– “KATRON-SKZ” – the multifunction universal controller for remote monitoring and control of the electrochemical protection equipment (the cathodic protection rectifiers).
– “KATRON-PIKET” – nonvolatile single-channel controller with registrar and alarm functions  for remote monitoring of protective potential on the protected underground construction.