Permanent reference electrode ESMS (copper-sulphate)

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The non-polarised reference electrode ESMS is intended for maintenance electrolytic contact to a ground in circuits of definition of efficiency of anticorrosive protection of underground metal constructions.
Also the electrodes are produced in the ESMS-A modification for using in conditions of dry ground. The electrode of this modification is immersed to a non-waterproof bag filled with bentonite backfill in complete.

Electrodes ESMS can be established in a ground with a conclusion of conductors to CP test-station or be used as portable. The electrodes are intended for operation at an ambient temperature from -40 °C up to +45 °CThe basic advantages:
– Reliability in operation;
– Opportunity of long storage;
– Not critical to a level of electrolyte;
– Universality;
– High durability of a membrane.

Characteristics of the ESMS
Transitional electric resistance, kOm
Potential to AgCl electrode, mV
External diameter of the case / height, mm
Volume of electrolyte, cm3
Mass, kg, no more
0,4 (4,8 for mod. ESMS-A)
Lenght of wire, m, not less